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By Trent Salter, Senior Vice President, Musichotbid

Well, congratulations to John Rachal of Lafayette, LA for being selected the winner of our Terry McInturff Royal Guitar.  As part of our McInturff Guitars/Musichotbid Giveaway, John was selected the envious winner from over 2,000 entries for the guitar.  And what a guitar it is, believe me this is a guitar you could leave your wife for!  Well maybe not that drastic, but it is a great guitar!  Special thanks to Terry and Tracy McInturff (you guys rock) and everyone who entered either on-line or at the Dallas Guitar Show.  And, oh yea, Congratulations John, YO DA MAN!

You see people really do win on Musichotbid.  Just ask Kandy Hastings of Grand Rapids, SD, winner of our $5,000 shopping spree.  Your rock Kandy baby, hot, sweet and sticky!  Or Mark Knell of Santa Monica, CA (you know the MTV dude) who won $5,000 cash.  And of course, John Rachal.

Our latest promotion is for the opportunity to win a Vaccaro V2 X-Ray Guitar and a X-Ray 5 String Bass.  Holy horse nipples Batman, how do they do it?  And remember, by entering to win in our giveaways, this also includes a FREE Musichotbid registration account.  So you are free to shop in our mega mall of Auctions, Classifieds, Store Fronts and browse an inventory of over 50,000 listings, everyday.  Good luck and always remember that if you have items to sell, we offer free listings and our cordial staff will even assist you in getting your gear listed.

Musichotbid opened for business officially, September 1, 1999 and what has transpired in eight short months is nothing short of overwhelming.  What we initially set out to accomplish was to simply be the one-stop-shop music portal on the web. Check it out.

Musichotbid Tech Tip of the Month

We are constantly refining the user attributes of Musichotbid to more effectively help you find exactly what you are looking for.  First of all, if there is something you can’t find on the site, let our Auction Agent search for you.  By entering into our Auction Agent search you can let it do the searching for you.  As soon as we find it, we automatically e-mail you to inform you of the search.  Cool.  Want to have an even more comprehensive search?  Then utilize our exclusive “Narrow Your Search” feature.  This feature not only narrows your search on specific items (color, size, year, etc) it can locate items by region and can sort by zip code to find the item within a two hundred mile radius of where you are located!  Now how’s that for efficiency! 

Very exciting news from the team of Musichotbid.  We are pleased to welcome two new content specialists to our family.  Bruce Barr of Sounds Fuzzy and Thomas McKnight, formerly of Hard Rock Café.  

Bruce has over 25 years of equipment knowledge, sound installations, and tour design and is literally a walking encyclopedia on any instrument (especially pedals) expert.  Bruce has sold and found gear for everyone from Garth Brooks to ZZ Top, to Aerosmith, to Wynonna.  His expertise is simply overwhelming and is essential to the content and business development of Musichotbid. 

Thomas McKnight is primarily responsible for the continued development of our memorabilia content.  Now, Thomas comes with an incredible background in memorabilia.  As the Acquisition Manager for Hard Rock Cafes for the over three years, Thomas brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the true professionalism of memorabilia and the integrity of its content.  

Welcome, gentlemen and the staff of Musichotbid are ecstatic to have you both on board.  No kiddin! 

In closing, thank you for your support and encouragement over these past months and I shit you not, hang with us cuz things we have planned for the development of Musichotbid are going to shock you.  Absolutely slap you up the side of the head.  But in a good way!

Nuff sed.

Best Personal Regards,

Trent Salter / Senior Vice President, Musichotbid